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Political and Community Forces in Blue Nile Pledge to Make Weapons Collection Campaign Successful

Al- Damazin, Nov. 3 (SUNA) The community and political forces leaderships in the Blue Nile state have pledged to cooperate for the success of the campaign of arms collection in the state.

In a questionnaire conducted by SUNA in Blue Nile state on the campaign for the collection of arms, the Students Secretary of the National Congress Party, Huziafa Ahmed Hassan, noted that the campaign preserves the generations, stops the blood shedding, and bush forward the development process.
He indicated that the Blue Nile state has realized the peaceful coexistence, reconciliation, brotherhood, and love among all its components, stressing necessity of the awareness with campaign's importance.
The woman secretary of the registered democratic unionist's party, a'aieda Osman, pointed to the woman's role in the arms collection campaign by leading the awareness raising among the community and the women sector, calling on women in all parties effectively participate to the success of the campaign.
The Umma Federal party's Youth's Secretary, Gurashi Abdul- A'al asserted his party's readiness to take part in the campaign for educating young people call on the youth to support this national project.
The Woman's Secretary of the National Congress party, Manal Khalifa Iddris, has called on the woman in the different legislative, executive ad political position to play role in acknowledging the dangers of arms when it is not in the hands of the regular forces, she stressed commitment to all directives of the Blue Nile state's Higher Committee for the Arms Collection in order to make the state with no illegal arms.